Bodegas Angel is located in the heart of Mallorca’s wine region, in the town of Santa Maria del Cami. Santa Maria del Cami is located between Palma and Inca and next to Santa Eugenia and Sencelles. The bodega has been built in the style of the traditional stone cladded Mallorca buildings, with large windows to show the beautiful views of the vineyard. The vineyard and winery are surrounded by the natural beauty of Mallorca’s “sierra norte” mountain range.

The wines of Bodegas Angel are synonymous with the island of Mallorca, they have own character due to the location of the vineyard. On one side you have specific characteristics due to the proximity to the sea, on the other side the terrain of red clay called “Call Vermell” is rich in iron oxide and finally a natural barrier is created by the affluent North wind. Bodegas Angel creates wines with its own identity and character thanks to the indigenous grape varieties of the region.

We also have foreign grape varieties planted at our vineyard. Prensal Blanc and Manto Negro are the kings of local region, single handily responsible protagonists for the identity and character of our wines.

Bodegas Angel is founded by Andres Gelabert in 2006. Andres Gelabert is a Mallorcan by birth but spent his formative years in the United States of America. The majority of time in the U.S.A, he was living in the state of California. There his passion for wine making began. On returning to his native Mallorca, in the year 2000, he sought out to find the ideal wine region to eventually create Bodegas Angel (“an” is for Andres and “gel” for Gelabert).

The vision of Andres is to make excellent wines with a combination of the great grape growing region, unique indigenous grape varieties and modern innovations in wine making.